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        Miszkomaszko is a small family business and we work together with other small companies from all over the world. We met lots of wonderful people ever since we started and each collection is a result of great team work. If you follow us on instagram you had a chance to read a little bit about us and the people we work with but it's time for a proper introduction now! We are starting a "miszkomaszko family" series of interviews. Each company or person will be answering the same questions we prepared for this project and I can't wait to share them all with you!
Today we are introducing Stadtlandkind our retailer in Switzerland.

about: Stadtlandkind is a web shop for children’s fashion between the ages of 0 to 12.

grab some coffee and let's have a chat!


1. We have known each other for a while now, do you have your favorite miszkomaszko print?

I actually have a favorite one every season! Last season it was the Blueberry Bunnies and this summer Origami. But as a mother of three boys my all-time favorite is the scale leggings - the twins are still wearing them.

2. What’s special for running a business in Switzerland?

Oh, it is the same like running a business all over the world, I guess. You have to know what you want and do what you love. And be very very very well aware of the tons of work lying ahead of you, many hours nightshift, no sleep. It’s almost like being a parent :)

3. Is it your day job? Has your business change much since you started? What's the nicest part?

Well yes and no. With 3 school kids ages 6 to 9 I am happy enough to work from home, most of the time. My mornings and two afternoons belong to Stadtlandkind, at noon I cook lunch and in the afternoons when the kids are home, we do family stuff. As soon as they are in bed I start working again, mostly until midnight. So it is a night-job as well :)
We have grown from selling 10 brands to selling over 80 brands since we started off 3 years ago. But we are still a 2-family run business and we are still friends! And still married :)

4. We love the internet community and we support the slow fashion revolution. Do you think fashion has the power to change the world? 

I believe, the people behind fashion can change the world, yes. We at Stadtlandkind are proud to work with some of the most interesting brands world wide concerning the slow fashion movement. Eco and fair trade fashion is going to be not only a trend but standard.

4. You work online with people from different countries, have you visited any of these places? Have you been to Poland? You are certainly invited for coffee in our office!

Before I had family I travelled a lot. In my twenties I travelled through North and Central America for about a year. I slept in an old van and in hammocks at the beach, it was pure adventure. When I met my husband, we bought an old VW camper bus and travelled around Europe for another year. We stayed in Poland for about two weeks and I remember the wild and beautiful landscape, the grain fields, the windy beaches, the deep forests - and the beer! But I have been to Poland before, I guess it was in 1991 with my parents in order to visit Elblang, where my father was born. Of course we visited Gdansk and Warsaw too, where I remember to have eaten Gofrys for the first time. 
I would love to travel again and if I will come to Poland, I will visit you for sure!

Thank you and see you in Paris!


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