at home with miszkomaszko

     These pictures were taken by Agata Witkowska almost a year ago. We decided to take them in the garden, to focus on what really is a home. Is it the house we live in? is it what we own? or is it something more? I could live anywhere as long as my family is with me, my family and my work. As much as I enjoy creating beautiful spaces, I also love the concept of being able to move, of not owning too much, of being aware of what's really important. I teach my kids that we will always be the richest people in the world as long as we have each other and as long there is something to be passionate about. I like to see my home as something I can take with me wherever I go as a space that can be created and recreated. In the world of perfect snap shots, and spotless interiors we all need a little bit of fresh air every now and then, we all need a little reassuring that our own way is an OK way to go. Welcome to miszkomaszko, make yourself at home.


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