summer 15. This must be the place.

The new summer collection is live in our shop. It is a really special collection, inspired with the home I grew up in, the prints illustrate the old and new memories, impressions and feelings connected to the place and the city that will always have a place in my heart. There is cats and there is japanese trees, the wooden floor and even a map where I secretly integrated a real city map. I like the idea of stories hidden in the clothes and fabrics as much as I always loved and admired a printed cloth. As a child I found it almost magical that drawings may be transferred to fabric, I could stare and stare and I dreamt of having my own designs printed. It's like fashion has been a part of me ever since I was born and by creating clothes I can create objects that will become a part of someone else's life story! But most of all this collection is about finding home and looking for a home, about a moment when we feel like saying that "This must be the place".
Some amazing pictures by Pink Wings team below:



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