oh so very very soon:)

It might be winter but I am all about summer:) the 2015 collection is about to hit the shops in just a couple of weeks and me I am busy with summer 2016 :) so exiting! I love working ahead, pretty much used to it by now but it feels a bit surreal at times when I am not really sure which year it is anymore. Funny when my mind is somewhere in 2017 and the 2015 has just began :) well, nice to have a little time in the present too of course. This weekend was extra nice, we went to visit my friend Brunoszka, her place was just so super super nice and I fell in love with her puppy pug too;)) We will certainly visit again in the summer time:)
For now a little sneak peek of our upcoming collection and don't forget to check the SALE at our site.


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