This month, I visited Warsaw already twice, which is pretty unsual. Went to HUSH fashion fair and then to see Florence and the Machine. She was so amazing, so glad I could see her perform. Actually I don't really like to travel anymore, I visited so many places in such a short time that it got too intense and now I enjoy being home the most. Nevertheless it is very open minding to get out of your comfort zone from time to time and get on a train, go somewhere, see something else, meet different people. Scary at first but always feels good in the end. Otherwise it's been raining a lot, kids enjoyed spending time at the local mall (so american;), i cooked and they ate and didn't complain (very unsual) and I caught a flat tire third time this year :)
Now busy bringing the AW14/15 collection to the store, so much work but enjoying it a lot!
hope you're all having a lovely summer, let it last for as long as possible! and lets wear shorts in september:)




  1. lovely moments in warsaw!
    as the years pass when i travel i feel that
    i just want to arrive to my destination as quickly as possible!
    traveling to new places is always a good idea.
    wish you are having a lovely summer also!

    1. Same thing here, i don't enjoy the move anymore as much as the destination anymore. Although sometimes i just enjoy looking out of the window on a train:)
      Still i enjoy coming home a lot:)
      Have a lovely summer too!

    2. Btw, it turns a bit messy when commenting from my cell phone hehe;) hope it made a little sense anyway:)

  2. Dotarlam na nowego bloga! Pozdrawiam cieplutko


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