summer it is.

I love summer, it's when we spend most of our time outside. Winter gets me down and I hate the cold but when it's warm and sunny, it's like I'm a different person almost. Not that sitting under a nice blanket with a mug of hot chocolate isn't cosy but still, there is nothing like the brighter time of year. If only there was a way to move Poznań to Hawaii I would be delighted:)
I picked my favorite pictures from spring for you, it's still the iPhone pictures but I didn't get around to walking with my real camera again...yet. I must do it soon, one gets a bit lazy when using only one media, it's more challenging to break your means of expression from time to time.
It also feels like there is energy coming back to me, maybe I settled with all the changes, maybe the kids are bigger but it's great when the need to create something more besides your regular work, the need for a wider artistic space comes back to you. Even if it's only blogging to begin with, it's still some kind of positive outlet. I love sharing it with you guys. Have a lovely week!



  1. beautiful pictures!
    so happy to see you are doing good
    and to find your new blog!
    wish you a good week
    and a happy june!
    enjoy summer!


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